My Real Estate Journey to Becoming a Purple Snowflake

I’ve always tried to stand out from the crowd in the real estate industry because I’m unique. I provide distinctive marketing approaches that sell properties as well as list them. I list and sell a variety of properties, including churches, private islands, golf courses, schools, office buildings, retail spaces, apartments, racetracks, and medical facilities. I also list and sell land, lots, homes, castles, condos, new construction, ranches, farms, resorts, hotels, and luxury real estate.

What I employ for marketing is as follows: I know there are buyers who are looking for distinctive properties, and I continue to add more of them each month. My Top Producer database, which groups my prospects based on the “unique investments” they look for, is where I build my database lentor modern.

After that, I go to networking events and travel both domestically and internationally. In my following article, I’ll explain how each one functions best.

Then, I attend every meeting of the Board of Realtors, Chamber of Commerce, AGREE, and Meetup organisations and distribute flyers, give marketing presentations, and make sure to market my offering, which is my inventory.

I then take a plane to all of the local, national, and international FIABCI meetings and give a marketing presentation about my listing. You never know which audience member is specifically looking for what you are presenting. It is comparable to joining the dots. I’ve flown to 40 different nations, and I continue to market both my listings and myself so that investors will always think of me when they choose to purchase that special property.

Then, I market my properties online and drive traffic to all of my websites, including social media. They can all find me through my ads on Craigslist, Proxio, FIABCI, Active Rain, NING, XING, Facebook, Twitter, Loopnet, CreoPoint, and CoStar, to name a few of my networking and marketing areas, whether they are looking for short sales, foreclosures, REO listings, luxury properties, homes, transferees looking for a home, etc.

I am currently publishing my book, which offers advice to real estate investors, brokers, agents, investors, and other interested parties on how I differentiate myself from the competition and what I believe makes me unique. To learn more about the book, contact [email protected] Real Estate International, Inc.’s Dagmar Sands can be reached at

Bilingual Dagmar Sands, founder of Real Estate International, Inc., founded her own business in 1985 in Atlanta, Georgia, with a focus on selling real estate to foreign investors. Her company’s motto was “SOLD in any language,” and because Real Estate International, Inc. is a member of FIABCI (The International Real Estate Federation), it has handled transactions for clients from Europe, Asia, South and North America, the Caribbean, and Africa.

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