Occupation Mums – Managing Your Domestic Helper

Maids in Singapore have grow to be a typical sight. It is no longer a provider that only the elite are ready to enjoy. According to a latest figures study, there are one hundred fifty, 000 maids registered in Singapore. From retaining property to minding the youngsters to seeking following the elderly, maids do it all. However, how do you, ‘Career Mom’, guarantee that your maid is performing her duties fairly than nominal operate when you might be not residence? Is it luck to uncover that perfect maid? Or maybe with correct administration can a tremendous maid be created out of any common maid?

Checklist it

Prior to welcoming your maid into your home, probably drawing up a list with your wife or husband might be a good concept. Your record could include the duties she is meant to do, your expectations of her efficiency, residence policies, and many others. It is critical to be as in depth as attainable so that your maid does not have difficulty comprehension what is expected of her. Keeping a duplicate and handing her another copy allows the two, you and your maid, to use the checklist as a check out list. Handing your maid the record on her first working day ceases difficulties that may possibly occur in the future these kinds of as confusion in excess of duties, working hrs, and so forth.

Your property, your rules

Your home has been opened up to a stranger in the concept of ‘housework aid’. That is possibly the considered that hits you initial when you see your maid for the initial time dwelling in your residence. Point out to your maid that privacy is of the utmost importance. Therefore an motion, this kind of as inviting fellow maids when no one is at residence, is frowned upon.

Give her Space

As considerably as you price your privacy, your maid does hers. Attempt not to pry into her individual affairs this sort of as letters, cellphone calls she makes on her mobile telephone when her doing work hrs are above, in which she goes, and so forth. The kids need to also be taught to respect her privateness. Nevertheless if your maid is showing symptoms of depression, anxiousness, maybe it is time to see what is incorrect.


Regard is extremely important. Your maid may be functioning for you but that is no reason to deny her regard and handle her unfairly. Young children echo their parents’ actions. Consequently, respecting your maid does not only simplicity the partnership among you and your maid but you are also placing a good example for the children. Respecting your maid and handled her reasonably can even provide about much better benefits in her function perspective. 請印傭 Overlook Vimi, a tour manual, shares of her former maid. “We handled her like one of the family and she experienced no problems settling in and at instances even went the extra mile to get factors done for us”.

Regard her religion

Permit her just take the day off on her spiritual holiday getaway, so she can go to her place of worship. Also, never force your maid to do one thing (like try to eat beef or pork), if it truly is against her religious perception.


Interaction amongst you and your maid is quite crucial. You are the channel to the outer globe for your maid, a foreigner in a new land. Being approachable makes it possible for your maid to have faith in and even confide in you. If you discover some thing your maid is performing is against your acceptance, inform her instantly. Maintaining it inside of will only make you come to feel disappointed and the difficulty may possibly escalate and resolving it gets more difficult. If she has manufactured a miscalculation, clarify to her calmly. Raised voices can only cause hysteria and damaging inner thoughts.

Allow her Relaxation
A nicely rested staff is more effective and greater modified. Consequently, you need to ensure that your worker has adequate rest, particularly during the evening and enough off times. A satisfied and properly-dealt with worker will give you significantly less trouble than 1 who is sad!

You don’t want to have great luck or maintain your fingers (or toes) crossed to get a good maid. All you need to do is manage your maid correctly and she will locate it a delight to work for you. Receiving along with your maid and currently being capable to believe in her will hold you at peace at function.

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