Biblical Reaction

More than at any other time in recent memory, the Christian language is used today. Scripture is becoming more and more of a “must read.” Biblical truths are being spoken in an unabashed zeal on social media. The issue with the believer’s enthusiasm is that occasionally Scriptures are used to support an incorrect interpretation. Christians from all over the world are rushing to the “rapture” runway in the belief that the Lord will soon return. Escapism prevents people from preparing for the challenging days that lie ahead. The verses that fit into a believer’s unquestionably scriptural beliefs should not be cherry-picked by the believer. The organised church and other people have taught us a lot of the Bible. Recitation of doctrine that the Believer has not carefully examined leads to a misunderstanding of the true meaning of the Scriptures. I give thanks to the Lord for godly pastors who have taught the Bible, but they are not a replacement for personally studying the Scriptures. The Apostle Paul made it abundantly clear that he had not learned the Gospel he preached from men, but rather through the revelation of Jesus Christ. (1:11–12 in Galatians) While in Berea, the people “… searched the Scriptures daily whether those things were so” after hearing the Gospel. (Acts 17:11) The Pharisees were chastised by Jesus for misusing the Scriptures. He informed them that they had rendered God’s commandments useless because of their lack of understanding of the Bible. (6) Matthew 15:6–9.

Christians need to be certain of what the Bible’s actual message is in this period of global uncertainty. We need to determine which passages the Holy Spirit wants us to be interested in rather than selectively choosing verses that support our interests. Scripture misinterpretation causes more harm to the Church than does Scripture silence Blue and purple clothing.

Every Believer should use the Bible as their “life manual.” Every Christian must use and research it. It is not a jumble of blessings from which we select one in an effort to get a “quick fix.” Many of the blessings found in the Bible depend on the believers’ fidelity to it. I think that the Bible is an exclusive text for Christians. The Bible is essentially the Believers Handbook, though the Holy Spirit may choose to open it to anyone.

The Bible is “…profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness,” according to II Timothy 3:16. Doctrine is what the Believer is taught, instructed, and trained in. Reproof is a finding of guilt for erroneous actions. Straightening out those whose behaviour has strayed from the Word is known as correction. Teaching is a form of character-building tutoring (Righteousness.) Knowing that the Bible is the inspired, written Word of God will enable us to live in the sure knowledge that, if we abide by it, there is no end to what God can accomplish through us. The Bible is replete with examples of real people who obeyed God’s commands. There are also cases of people who tried it their way and realised it was pointless.

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