High Security Locks: What Are They?

I’ve previously talked about high security keys and locks, but what exactly qualifies a lock and key as high security? Many producers think at least some of the locks they produce are high security. How do you know that you are receiving value for your money then? Because these locks cost a lot more than regular locks that you can purchase at your neighbourhood big box store.

Here are some characteristics of a high security lock to look for:

Instead of die casting, precision manufacturing will be used to create the locks and keys.
Typically, they are constructed of steel or brass.
If brass, drill protection pins made of hardened steel will be embedded in the lock face.
Foreign and American patents should be used to protect the keyway and key.
For the purpose of key control, the key blanks should only be distributed to Service Centers and Locksmiths working under contract with the manufacturer.
Although not exhaustive, the list above is meant to highlight the key ideas. In an effort to define some of the terms used above that may not be familiar to everyone, there are a few things that I will go into more detail about ΠΟΡΤΕΣ ΑΣΦΑΛΕΙΑΣ ΠΑΛΑΙΟ ΦΑΛΗΡΟ.

A keyway is, in its most basic form, a design on a key, such as key cuts, spacing, and angles, and the corresponding design that is fabricated into the lock cylinder. Some manufacturers combine grooves cut into one or both sides of the key with cuts, spacing, and angles. These side grooves will line up with the lock’s grooves. These are the things that are typically patented when submitting a patent application.

Key Control: This refers to the capacity to manage both key blanks and cut keys. Let’s assume that the manufacturer sends 10 key blanks to one of their service centres to show how this works. For one of their clients, that service centre creates 10 key blanks with a secure code. The 10 cut keys and records are given to that customer, who also receives them. The keys can be tracked throughout this process all the way to the end user.

The total cost of all of this will be at least 50% higher than the cost of a typical lock used for the same purpose. This brings up the same query: what are you attempting to defend and how much is that to you?

George Uliano is a security expert with years of experience in both law enforcement and security. He graduated with honours and obtained a bachelor’s degree in business and criminal justice. Three U.S. patents on various locking theories are held by George. Combining these factors enables George and His Company Locking Systems International Inc to offer its clients the ideal level of security at a competitive price.

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