How to Unclog Your Bathroom Sink

No need to call a plumber to unclog your bathroom sink if you can fix the issue yourself. You can unclog your own bathroom sink. To learn how, read this article.

Make use of declogging agents

Utilizing de-clogging chemicals is the first step you should take if your sink is clogged in an attempt to resolve the issue. This is available at the grocery store. Buy one and directly pour a tablespoon of it down the drain. Before attempting to determine whether the chemicals were successful, let them sit in the drain for a few minutes. De-clogging chemicals work by dissolving the debris that is clogging the drain; once the debris is dissolved, you can easily wash it away. Try adding more de-clogging chemicals if the first application of those chemicals wasn’t successful. If using the chemicals doesn’t seem to be working, move on to the next suggestion ΑΠΟΦΡΑΞΕΙΣ ΗΛΙΟΥΠΟΛΗ ΚΟΣΤΟΣ.

employ a plunger

The plunger can then be used to clear the clog in your sink. Grab a plunger, and add just enough water to your sink to cover the plunger head. The overflow should then be covered with a rug to prevent pressure from the plunger entering the pipe from escaping. When ready, insert the plunger into the sink’s drain to seal it. And quickly pump the plunger several times with force. After that, take the plunger out of the sink to see if it was successful. Before moving on to the next step, you can try using the plunger a few more times if it didn’t work the first time.

Get rid of the P-trap

You can manually remove the clogged material if it is stuck in the P-trap and cannot be released using the two methods mentioned above. You must first take out the P-trap. To remove the nuts holding the P-trap in place, use a wrench. To catch the water that will spill out of the pipes once the P-trap is loosened, place a bucket directly beneath the P-trap. Once the P-trap has been eliminated, locate the clog and remove it. Place the P-trap back under the sink after giving it a thorough cleaning by flushing it with running water.

Use a snake like a plumber

Try to borrow a plumber’s snake from someone you know who owns one. Otherwise, locate a plumber from whom you can rent a snake. If the gunk is trapped past the P-trap, use this device. Take out the P-trap and insert the plumber’s snake’s one end into the pipe’s opening. Once you reach a block, keep inserting the device and try to clear the clogged gunk.

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