The Price Range For Hair Restoration That You Should Know

There are several things to take into account if you’re worried about how much the cost of hair restoration will be. The cost of the treatment is the first thing that varies greatly. Today, there are so many different types of treatments available, from topical medications to prescription hair extensions. Surgery for a transplant is another option, though this is typically resorted to as a last resort toupee.

Hair Extensions

Some of the most reasonably priced baldness treatments include hair additions or toupees. Both men and women can get them with ease. The range of prices is $20 to $60. The type of hair addition you get will affect the price. Real human hair is typically more expensive than synthetic hair.

DHT Deterrents

The DHT blocker is one of the best medical remedies for baldness. In general, men receive this treatment. The majority of DHT blockers are of high quality, but it is known that they work less well when hair regrowth has stopped at the growth phase. But hair retention works, and for an average price of about $25, the simple remedy is worthwhile for people who have only recently begun losing their hair.


It’s crucial to understand that treatment for men and women differ greatly if you’re a woman with extensive balding. DHT blockers are created especially for men. The use of a product intended to treat male pattern baldness has no effect whatsoever on females who are experiencing hair loss or balding. To treat external hair loss, women will need topical minoxidil in particular. In this instance, the price range for hair restoration is $35 to $40. Systems-bundled goods can cost up to $100 but provide better customization.

For female patients in need of hair restoration, transplant surgery is their only other medical option. Because women frequently experience random hair loss as opposed to hair loss in a pattern, the procedure may still differ slightly from hair loss surgery for men. We’ll talk about more specifics and price information below.


If you’re certain you want surgery, be aware that the upfront cost will be high. Depending on how much hair you require, expect to pay up to $1,000 or more. Some services, though not all, offer monthly financing. Payment options include either per session or per graft. The price range for hair restoration surgery is $3 to $8 per graft.

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